Methods For Promoting Your Videos On TikTok

Might Advertising on TikTok Benefit Your Company?

TikTok’s 500+ million monthly users provide a massive potential for brands to reach their target audience. TikTok has become more widely used than Twitter and Snapchat combined, and unlike its predecessors, it features less advertisements. The visual app’s remarkable virality has shook up the marketing industry. The software lets users create and share 15-second films using in-app filters, effects, and music.

The app’s advertising platform entered beta testing in early 2019. Companies like Grubhub, Nike, Fenty Beauty, and Apple Music have all utilised TikTok advertising to market their products in creative ways since then. The TikTok Advertising platform stands out from the competition because to its sophisticated targeting options and novel ad-making tools. Doing it well will allow you to reach one of the most profitable user bases.

Who exactly are you trying to reach with your company’s products or services?

Advertising on TikTok might be beneficial if your target demographic consists largely of persons under the age of 34. Sixty-six percent of TikTok’s users are under the age of 30, and 41 percent of those users are between the ages of 16 and 24. This is not the best platform for companies whose target customers are older than that.

Is TikTok Advertising Within Your Price Range?

Big brands like Nike, Disney, and Grubhub have jumped on the TikTok advertising bandwagon, but it may be out of reach for smaller companies.

Ads on the site are so novel and uncommon that they command a high price, anything from a minimum of $10 CPM up to a maximum of $200,000 for really big campaigns. The minimum expenditure for TikTok campaigns is $500, so if you’re searching for more economical and dependable advertising solutions for your business, they may not be the best match.

The Second Step: Launch a TikTok Ad Campaign

To make a new campaign, start in the TikTok Ads dashboard and navigate to the Campaign tab.

Choose either the Daily Budget or the Overall Budget menu item in Settings to establish a spending limit for the campaign as a whole. Please be aware that the minimum daily budget is $1.

Next, decide where, how, and who will see your TikTok ads.

After that, you’ll need to establish an ad group for your campaign and decide on placements and targeting.

Selecting which platforms you want your adverts to appear on is a powerful feature of the TikTok Advertising dashboard. TikTok and its related applications, such as Vigo Video (available only in India), BuzzVideo, News Republic, and others, fall under this category.

Automatic placements are also available, in which case TikTok would decide where your ad would do best and put it there.

TikTok Commercial #4: Manage Your Budget, Timeframe, and Objectives

Plan your spending and timeline.

Adjust the ad group’s budget under the Budget & Schedule tab. You may set your spending limit each day, or for the entire programme. Both the daily and total budget at the ad group level require a minimum of $50.

Choose Your Preferred Optimization Target

Determine what the primary statistic is that you want to improve upon with this campaign, and make that your optimization target. Bidding for an ad group can be adjusted for Conversions, Clicks, or Impressions.

Conversion-focused campaigns target users who are most likely to make a purchase after seeing your ad. Create conversion events by going to Library > Conversions to keep tabs on anything that may be considered a conversion, such as app downloads or form submits.

You may now choose to implement pixel-based conversion tracking for app installs or certain landing page components.

Tip #5: Use TikTok’s Video Production Tools to Make Your Commercial

Developing the advertising’s visual components is a breeze. Video and picture advertisements on TikTok can be either horizontal or vertical, or even square. The Ads Platform’s Best Feature is its Video Production Kit, which allows you to use your own photographs and video clips to create unique advertisements. There are more than 300 free music alternatives included.

TikTok Ad Tip No. 6: Fine-Tune It

Be sure you utilise high-resolution photos when making a brand takeover or in-app display ad, as the user’s attention will be focused squarely on the ad as it takes up the entirety of their screen.

To maximise the effectiveness of your redirect link, concentrate on a single call to action (CTA). To provide an example, some visitors to your website may become confused if you lead them to the app’s download page after asking them to download the app in order to receive a discount code.

Keep in mind that there is very limited room for description in a TikTok commercial. If you’re offering a more sophisticated product or service but still need to use the full 80 English characters in your ad description, consider using the Video Production Kit to include text into your display creative.


TikTok advertising are simple to put up and master because of the platform’s rich range of design and automation features. At this time, the platform’s relative newness makes a lack of available instruction the most difficult component of advertising on the site. You can get up and running quickly by following the detailed instructions provided above.