How To Add Link On Instagram Stories?

To keep a user interested, all you need is 15 seconds of video. If they’re curious, they’ll keep reading. Include clickable links in your Instagram Stories to expand on any subject matter.
Insert sticker with Instagram Story link
After the recent update, everyone on Instagram now has access to the link sticker for use in their Stories. Previously, only large accounts could make use of this feature by include a swipe-up link.
An Instagram story only allows for a single link sticker. However, you are free to share as many tales as you choose.

Here’s how to accomplish that:

  • Release the menu options.
  • Pick the paperclip symbol.
  • The website address is where you should enter it.
  • Choose to Edit the Sticker’s Message.
  • Please enter your wording below in the Sticker field.
  • Select the End button.

A link sticker can be placed anywhere within an Instagram Story. Tap it and keep tapping while you move. Altering the scale is an option as well. You may manipulate it by bringing your two fingers together or spreading them apart.

Motivate Instagram users to click on your links by including them in your stories.
Users won’t pay much attention if you simply provide a link in your Instagram Story. For this reason

  • Briefly describe the next step.
  • Put together a persuasive appeal.
  • Make use of directional arrows and animated GIFs.
  • Make the link more noticeable than the surrounding content.

Also, refine the layout. It needs to be well-organized, brief, and written in clear language.

The Instagram Stories link-adding options have been expanded.

In this article, you’ll learn how to include many links in a single Instagram Story.

Share an Instagram Story with internal links

Select a mention sticker on Instagram Stories to send viewers to a certain user’s profile. The next step is to enter a person’s username.
When viewing an Instagram post, tap the paper aeroplane icon to share it with others. Select Add to my story.
Instagram Stories now supports clickable mentions and links in posts.

  • Responders on Instagram Stories can be sent links via direct messages.
  • Share with your Instagram Story viewers that you’re offering a direct message link.
  • Use Instagram Stories to conduct a poll. You can’t expect every Instagram user to send a direct message asking for help. Put up a poll asking if they want a Direct link. All those who said “yes” should receive it.

Please click the link in my bio to check out my Instagram!

Post a Story on Instagram with a call-to-action to your bio’s link. It’s prominently placed at the profile page’s footer, making it simple to find. It could be a single link in a multi-link bio, or it could be the address of a website. The second choice, which may be made via Taplink, is our top pick.

Use the Instagram Stories links to your advantage

Connect your Instagram Stories to your landing page. We also suggest including it in your bio. The website lets you post whatever you choose, even several links to the same story. Infinite potential!

If you include a link in your Instagram posts or Stories, it will always be relevant. Let’s examine an illustration. You’ve been using Stories to advertise a T-shirt and posts to advertise a hoodie. You can direct readers to your bio links in either publication to encourage their purchase. Any information sought by a user can be readily located. Even better, you’ll be showcasing additional products tomorrow, all of which will be accessible from the same page.

Add photos, videos, text, a countdown timer, and buttons for instant chat apps to your Taplink website. Sales processes can be automated through the use of payment forms.


You’ve just learned the steps to including a link in your Instagram story. Multiple links and other items can be shared simultaneously. Highlight articles so they won’t evaporate after 24 hours and can be accessed at any time.

You may also try adding a music sticker to your Instagram Stories. It will add a fun element to your writing!