Instagram vs TikTok: Which Is Better?

Use short-form video material to introduce your business, explain its purpose, and take advantage of in-demand marketing channels. In a matter of seconds, you may raise brand recognition, connect with customers on a global scale, and produce an infinite number of leads.
Comparison of TikTok vs Instagram Highlights
TikTok and Instagram Reels, in contrast to YouTube’s widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, are optimised for viewing on mobile devices thanks to their vertical 9:16 aspect ratio. Aspect ratios, video styles, and editing capabilities are all areas in which the two social media platforms overlap, but that doesn’t mean one is better for business than the other. Check out these 10 key distinctions.

Minimum and maximum video lengths

TikTok videos can be anything from 15 seconds to 10 minutes in duration.

Instagram videos can be anything from 15 seconds to 90 seconds in duration.

Video synopses

There’s a 2200-character cap for TikTok video descriptions.

You may use up to 2200 characters for Instagram Reel descriptions.

Alteration choices

Video manipulation in TikTok: Trimming, overlays, filters, voices and sound effects, text, subtitles, and volume controls are just some of the in-app editing options available in TikTok.

Trim, full screen, download video, music, special effects, stickers, captions, add polls, quizzes, GIFs, and more are all possible using Instagram’s in-built editing function for Reels.

You may utilise your own voiceover, popular noises made by other producers, or audio and music you’ve uploaded to TikTok. Clipchamp’s auto-captions function works with both TikTok and Instagram Reels to automatically add subtitles to your video.

Soundtracks for Instagram Reels can be uploaded or chosen from Instagram’s extensive music collection.

Methods of Video Distribution

Videos may be discovered in a number of ways on TikTok, including the app’s built-in For You Page (FYP), the Following tab, and external links to videos.

Instagram Reels may be seen in a variety of places, including the user’s profile under the Reels tab, the Instagram toolbar under the Reels tab, the Explore page, Instagram Stories, and direct video links.


TikTok’s auto-subtitles tool will create captions for your video automatically.

Instagram now has the ability to automatically produce subtitles for any user-uploaded videos, including Reels.


TikTok allows users to choose whether their saved movies include a watermark or not.

You have the option of adding a watermark to your Instagram Reel when you save it.

Draughts for viral videos on TikTok and Instagram
Saved video draughts in TikTok’s draughts section can be edited at a later time.

Instagram also provides a place to save and modify Reels called “draughts,” which you can access from your profile.

Simple business TikTok post concepts

TikTok videos for your company’s channel can be made indefinitely. Produce content that is relevant to your business and audience, such as films showcasing your product’s introduction and sales promotion, as well as before and after footage and behind-the-scenes looks. Here are some popular video formats that you can easily recreate on TikTok.

Packing your order with humour A video made with TikTok

CEO and influencer Brittney Saunders of Australian fashion business Fayt has joined the TikTok family, where she is making humorous, broadly appealing films. Simply film yourself or your crew packaging an order, sprinkle in some jokes, and upload the result to TikTok.
It’s time you joined my team! A video made with TikTok

Make a “come to work with me” video for TikTok if you want your audience to get a more personal look at your company. Record comedic snippets as you go about your day as we did in our Clipchamp video, then narrate them and upload them to TikTok.
The third video, a TikTok song, is currently all the rage.

One simple strategy for getting your video seen and featured on the FYP on TikTok is to include a currently popular song or sound effect. Both new videos and parodies of existing viral videos can benefit from using popular music.

Helpful Instagram hints for local companies

Instagram’s video and profile style is more polished and professional than that of TikTok. Instagram accounts, whether professional or personal, benefit from having a unified aesthetic. Instagram Reels are a fantastic alternative to just sharing still photographs with your audience. You may expand your audience, get potential new clients, and attract new visitors to your profile and website all by using reels.

Keeping tabs on user activity on TikTok and Instagram

Analysing the ROI of your content on both TikTok and Instagram Reels might help you choose which platform is best for your business. Use the built-in analytics tools to track the views, likes, shares, and comments your videos receive to determine which platform is yielding the greatest results. To find out which platform your audience uses the most, you may cross-post videos from TikTok to Instagram.

TikTok Analytics: How to Keep Tabs

Just stick to these simple procedures to access your TikTok data.

In the upper right corner of your TikTok profile, you’ll see a button with three horizontal lines.

Select the Author Tools menu item.

In the creator tools, under “general,” select the “analytics” option. Your summary, content, followers, and live video statistics may all be viewed in this section.

Instagram Analytics: How to Keep Tabs

To check out your Instagram statistics, do as instructed below.

To access your Instagram story highlights, tap the three vertical dots in the profile’s upper right corner.

To get understanding, hit the button.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on the Reels tab.