How To Use Instagram Reels In Your Marketing Strategy?

Customers want to know who’s behind a product or service. They like to interact with brands they have a personal connection to and consume material that is relevant to them.

Instagram Reels allow companies to introduce themselves in a lighthearted, easily consumable format. In 2020, the first short-form videos appeared online, and since then, both companies and creators have taken use of the format to greatly increase their online visibility.

A Reel on Instagram is what?

Full-screen vertical videos (Instagram “Reels”) may now be up to 90 seconds long. In addition to a library of audio tracks, Reels provide producers with a wide variety of editing tools (filters, subtitles, stickers, backdrops, etc.).

Contrast a Reel with an Instagram Story. Reels, in contrast to the other format, will be accessible for longer than 24 hours. After a user uploads a Reel, it will remain accessible until the user removes it.

To access Reels, Instagrammers only need to tap the corresponding symbol at the page footer. It’s like TikTok’s For You section in that it’s a scrollable feed packed of popular Reels. In addition to the reels on the home page, there are additional reels on the explore page.

Reels’ Primary Advantages:

  • Increases customer confidence and activity rate
  • Opens up possibilities for tales to be told
  • Proves Brand Identity, Raise Brand Recognition, Expand Audiences
  • enables new ways to increase interaction and diversity content

Have you seen any changes to Instagram?

In response to the success of TikTok, which now has more than a billion monthly users, Instagram has developed its own version of a similarly engaging short-video format. Now that Instagram’s algorithm prioritises Reels, marketers can no longer count on only displaying still photos to attract and retain customers.

When it comes to views and interaction, posting Reels has shown to be a winning strategy for many content producers, influencers, and companies. A month of posting a Reel every day resulted in nearly 2,800 new followers for one Instagram user. Later, a provider of a digital marketing platform, saw a boost in engagement of 500%+ after incorporating Reels into their Instagram approach.

The focus of social media platforms has shifted to short, entertaining videos. They’re what people respond to the most, making them a powerful incentive to take action.

Expand your horizons

Brands may increase their visibility on the explore page by posting Reels. Instagram’s explore page, which features suggested material, is important to the growth of Reels.

To increase your brand’s chances of being featured on Instagram’s explore page, you should incorporate a good dosage of Reels into your content strategy. According to Meta’s stats, around 200 million people visit the explore page each day.

Users can be directed to new accounts after being exposed to them through recommended content (also known as material displayed on the explore page), increasing the likelihood that they will become interested browsers and, eventually, devoted customers. Thus, marketers need real estate on the explore page if they want to reach more people and boost brand recognition, as this is the starting point for a user’s trip through the digital sales funnel.

Tell your story

A brand’s narrative can benefit greatly from the inclusion of reels. People want to watch content starring actors that look, sound, think, and feel like themselves. Building trust with customers and encouraging a dedicated fan base may be accomplished, for instance, by having personnel speak to the camera directly about educational concerns related to the product or sector.

Users are more likely to engage with a brand if they have a personal connection to the people who represent it. Sharing Reels may increase a brand’s popularity and recognition since they provide consumers a deeper look into the company than what they would get from a 2D static.

Grownups of the future

Think playing Reels is only for the young? Avoid being duped!

It’s a setback that Reels aren’t being considered because of the common belief that they only cater to Gen Z audiences. According to the Hootsuite Digital Trends Report, an audience of over 13 might be reached via Reels.

It’s not only false to assume that only members of Generation Z watch Reels. Similarly, brands may benefit greatly by capitalising on a content style that is popular amongst the younger demographic. Reaching young people is crucial for any business that wants to guarantee its name and image go on through successive generations of consumers.

Never forget that today’s kids will be tomorrow’s adults. Don’t limit your audience’s ability to benefit from material in a format they prefer.

The key to success is in the learning

It’s always fun to try something different when it comes to content. Creators may expand their horizons, pursue their dreams, and make meaningful connections through this medium. But how can companies evaluate the ROI of sharing Reels? Do we see increased momentum, leads, conversions, and sales as a result?

Brands can see how their marketing efforts are doing from start to finish with a data-driven strategy. Data is useful in recognising the impact since it contains a quantifiable indicator that measures the success of current outputs.

We suggest utilising the following indicators to evaluate Reels:

  • Interactions (including “likes,” “comments,” and “reactions”)
  • counting video views, likes, and shares while monitoring hashtag impressions
  • Data-driven contextualization of a brand’s marketing allows for the identification of what works and what doesn’t. In order to make strategic shifts, additions, and modifications towards growing an enthusiastic fan base, this information is essential for marketers. The fuel for the success and expansion of any marketing effort or brand is data.