Instagram Following Declining? Here’s The Problem And The Solution

When companies see their Instagram following decline, they often panic.

They believe they have done nothing wrong to lose their supporters, even when the evidence suggests otherwise.

They know how to write compelling articles, discuss timely issues, and make advantage of Instagram’s trending hashtags.

It is the agency’s responsibility to point out any flaws in the client’s approach.

The question is, why am I losing Instagram followers?

Instagram followers can be lost for reasons outside individuals just choosing to stop following accounts:

Paid for fan support

It’s possible that your client has already paid for Instagram follower boosting services. There are services that might help them gradually obtain more followers, but many of the “cheaper” ones make use of false accounts that Instagram might later erase.

Competing businesses’ use of the follow-unfollow tactic

The follow-unfollow strategies used by competing Instagram firms is another factor.

This tactic involves following several users at once in the hope that some of them may follow you back. And to keep their follower to follower ratios in check, businesses will unfollow those who haven’t followed them back.

An issue with Instagram

A bug in the app is the least likely explanation for your client’s drop in Instagram followers.

Multiple users have already reported losing followers due to technical difficulties.

Check the most recent stories on the “Instagram glitch” on Google if you have reason to believe your customer lost followers as a result of this issue. If several accounts report a dramatic drop in Instagram followers, this is likely the cause.

The best practises for attracting and keeping Instagram followers

The first step is to figure out why your customers are losing followers on Instagram.

The next step is to develop tactics that will keep, restore, and increase their Instagram following.

Establish a regular posting routine on Instagram

Using an automated publishing schedule, you can keep your client’s audience interested and increase their brand recognition.

To simplify this process, try using a social media management tool like Vista Social.

One of the most effective Instagram marketing tools, Vista Social accelerates agency-wide follower expansion.

Create a plan by setting predetermined times for Instagram automation.

Repeatedly posting Instagram Stories

Keep your client’s Instagram followers interested by posting Instagram Stories at least once a day.

Instagram Stories are great for showcasing your client’s personality with “behind-the-scenes” photos and videos. Quick how-tos, sneak peeks, and other Instagram content may all be promoted using Stories. (including Reels and feed posts).

You may utilise Instagram Stories to increase user interaction and participation.

Take use of Instagram’s polls, emoji slider stickers, countdowns, quizzes, and music to get people involved. If done correctly, this will encourage viewers to subscribe to your Instagram Story updates.

Make better use of video

Instagram videos are one of the platform’s most reliable content types.

Instagram users are twice as likely to interact with a video as with any other type of content.

You may also upload videos from other services to publish on Instagram. Check out our tutorial for additional information on embedding a YouTube video in an Instagram Story.

Promote your client’s Instagram account by sharing it on your own.

Help your customer gain more followers on Instagram by sharing their page on other networks.

If you’ve seen a decline in your Instagram following, this is the best way to reverse it. Your client’s Instagram following will develop steadily over time with this method.

Utilize a unified platform like Vista Social to coordinate your many social media marketing initiatives.

If your client has a presence on review sites, online communities, or Google My Business, Vista Social can help you keep track of it.

Fifth, establish a standard of excellence for all Instagram content.

Maintain a steady stream of high-quality Instagram posts for your customer.

Instagram posts should all be edited in the same way for cohesion’s sake. Create a workflow for altering images using programmes like Canva, Snapseed, and Photoleap to specify the filters, image modifications, and effects that should be used by your team.

Use a system of approval after the fact.

Save Instagram posts as draughts before posting them to verify they meet your client’s quality criteria before going live. Clients can use this knowledge to steer clear of submitting anything that could offend or discriminate against other users.

The value propositions of your clients will be reflected in the Instagram material your marketing team produces.

Seven, cultivate realistic anticipations

Don’t try to get followers for your client by spreading the content of other accounts.

Brand recognition may increase, but if followers have the wrong idea of what to anticipate from your client’s content, your efforts may have backfired.

Eight, interact with your fans

Promote your client’s brand by engaging with their fans online. Make sure someone is always available to reply to direct messages.

This shows them that they are associated with a dynamic company that cares about doing good in the world.

It’s a good idea to have a designated account manager keep an eye on each client’s account.

Number of new followers you’re keeping tabs on

Examine how your Instagram marketing efforts affect your follower count.

Instagram’s built-in “Insights” feature makes it easy to monitor a client’s reach, user interaction, and follower growth.

Learn how your customer is doing on social media using the “Reports” feature. Report on their social media activity, content performance, rivals, and more whenever you want.

Vista Your client’s social media follower count across all channels may be monitored in one convenient report. Insights like user engagement, posting frequency, brand recognition, and other useful data are also included.

Increase your client’s social media following using Vista Social.

You may easily increase and retain your client’s following with the help of Vista Social.

Create a regular posting schedule, take advantage of cross-promotion, set quality requirements, monitor interaction, and more; Vista Social provides a tool to assist with every part of Instagram advertising.