Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy For Ecommerce

Every day brings new developments in the realm of digital advertising. When you first open your eyes, you learn of some new fad, strategy, platform, tool, or even just a new feature for an already existing platform.

Influencer marketing is a subset of digital marketing that has exploded in popularity recently. For every dollar invested in influencer marketing, firms see a return of $5.20, per data compiled by InfluncerMarketingHub. Instagram is one medium where influencer marketing has become increasingly popular and widespread.

With over a billion monthly users, Instagram has become a significant marketing platform, especially for influencer marketing. This post serves as a comprehensive guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing for online retailers.

Instagram: Why You Should Use It For Influencer Marketing

Instagram is currently hailed as the most effective medium for influencer advertising. The following are some of the main advantages that make it the finest platform for eCommerce influencer marketing.

A sizable and active user base

Instagram, which boasts 1 billion active users every month, is the most popular social media network among young consumers. A recent study by FacebookBuiness discovered that 80%-85% of Instagram users either learn about new products and services on Instagram, conduct product research on Instagram, or interact with Instagram content in order to make a purchasing decision.

Expanded organic exposure

The organic reach of influencer content is greater than that of traditional brand profiles. Users are more likely to interact with influencers, and not just because of the expanded audience. This is especially true of Instagram Live and Instagram Stories.

Targeted Market

Instagram celebrities typically focus on just one or two subcultures. Health, style, glamour, gadgets, and more. They write only about a specific topic or field. This denotes a specific group of people who have shown prior interest in this particular field. The influencer’s followers, as well as anybody else interested in your field, will see your posts more frequently in hashtag suggestions, Explore suggestions, and in their own feeds.

Make a deep emotional connection with your audience

Instagram stars typically have a large following because they are able to connect with their audience on a deep, intimate level. They have the ability to gain the trust of their audience, which is a key factor in becoming influential. They may have far more success in endorsing your items or business if they have a genuine and invested relationship with you.

Superior conversion and return on investment (ROI)

Marketing using Instagram influencers is highly efficient. Referral traffic from Instagram increased by 114%, according Statista. What’s more, research from InfluencerMarketingHub found that 65 percent of the most successful Instagram posts promote goods and services. This demonstrates how valuable Instagram influencer marketing can be.

How to Begin Influencer Marketing on Instagram?

There are a few things you should do first to get the most out of your ads before you even start looking for an Instagram influencer:

Define Your Objectives

Determine if you want to emphasise the “awareness,” “consideration,” or “conversion” stages of the marketing funnel by carefully analysing your business’s demands. If you know what you want to accomplish with your influencer marketing campaign, you can better plan it and evaluate its success.

Identify who you’re writing for

Determine who you think you’ll be reaching with this advertisement. Pick a certain subset of the market to concentrate on. Campaign results can be improved and the suitable influencer selected by careful consideration of the target audience’s interests and demographics.

Establish an Influencer Marketing Budget for Instagram

Determine how much of your marketing budget may be allocated to Instagram influencers. Whether or not you reach your objectives and the types of influencers you can work with are both dependent on your budget.

Where can I look for Instagram “influencers?”

Take a look at your fan base and branded hashtag

Prioritise introspection! You never know when you’ll come across a notable person who will enthusiastically promote your business and items. Verify your branded hashtag and the people that are following it.

Look for trending hashtags in your field

You can find influencers who operate in your field and who speak to a comparable audience by searching for relevant hashtags in your sector.

Utilise marketing resources such as influencer databases

If you’ve exhausted the methods above and still haven’t found any promising influencers, consider digging around online for marketing resources and influencer lists.

Which Instagram Celebrity Should You Follow?

Here, you’ll assess and narrow down potential influencers until you locate the best one for your campaign.

Brand suitability

Find an influencer that shares your brand’s values and is active in your industry.

Participation Rate

Don’t get too giddy about the number of followers; instead, inquire about their engagement rate and the quality of comments they receive by reading through their articles or contacting them directly.

Past commercials

Take a look at how many advertising they use across the board. You shouldn’t hire someone who creates mostly advertisements and very little genuine, organic content.


See whether they get back to you quickly and if they appear approachable and attentive.

Cost and payment conditions

Make sure everyone is on the same page regarding costs and how you’d like to be compensated (flat rate, percentage of sales, etc.).