5 Creative Ways To Make Your Reels More Visible

Instagram introduced the reels feature in August 2020 and is now available in more than 50 countries worldwide. Instagram reels is a 15-second short video feature that allows creators to share engaging videos with sounds and effects. 

Instagram reels have provided many opportunities for brands and businesses to boost engagement and grow their followers organically. You must follow the right strategy to gain engagement on Instagram reels. Here are some valuable tips to make more audiences watch and like your reels. 

Tip 1: Share Engaging Content

Creating valuable content is the most effective factor in growing your account on a platform like Instagram. Various types of content are available for reels, from Q&A to tutorials and walkthrough videos. First, choose a unique topic for your reels and start creating videos. 

Share compelling content on Instagram reels and impress your audience to watch your full video without scrolling to the next. You can take content ideas from successful reels on Instagram and come up with your own ideas. If your video gets more engagement, there is an excellent chance that your content will appear on the Instagram explore page.

Remember sharing informative content doesn’t always mean it is filled with information. Make an entertaining short video to engage your audience and boost views on Instagram reels. 

Tip 2: Use Popular Soundtracks

Instagram has a huge library of songs that users can use for their reel videos. Sometimes a song becomes very popular, so many users make reels with the particular song or sound. 

When a user watches more reels from the same song, the Instagram algorithm will show more videos with the same sound to the user’s feed. Creating reels with trending songs can potentially increase reels’ engagement rate. Instagram reels offer an enormous opportunity for creators to attract a new audience to improve engagement. 

But still, if you are suffering with less engagement on Instagram reels, try to spot how to get likes on reels so you gain instant engagement. When your video gets higher engagement, the Instagram algorithm will push your post to the explore page. With this, your content is noticed by many people thus getting new audiences to your profile. 

Tip 3: Write Engaging Captions

Writing captions is one of the effective ways to engage your audience on Instagram reels. Research says, most people on social media platforms watch videos without sound. This information is enough to explain how captions are essential on Instagram reels. 

Add catchy captions that match the content you have in your Instagram reels videos. Your captions should provide value to the audience so they can engage with your Instagram reels. 

The more likes, comments, and shares your reels get, the more Instagram algorithms will push your reels to explore pages. So take your own time to write a great caption for your IG reels. 

Tip 4: Add Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way to gain organic likes and views for your Instagram reels. Adding relevant hashtags in reels helps you to find your target audience and boost reels engagement. 

Adding trending hashtags on Instagram reels is an excellent idea for a beginner. So make sure to add only relevant hashtags to promote your content on the Instagram platform. 

Also, use the most popular hashtag with more than one million followers to reach your goals. Additionally, you can use some hashtag generator tools to find the best hashtag for your profile or business. 

Tip 5: Custom Thumbnail For Reels

You may see many videos with high-quality thumbnails on Instagram. Sometimes the thumbnail tempts the user to click on the video. So design a custom thumbnail for Instagram reels that goes with your content. 

Use canva or search for more tools to create a catchy thumbnail to attract more audiences to watch your videos. After creating your thumbnail, you can add it through the cover photo option while uploading reels. 

Final Thoughts

Since Instagram is an engaging platform, you are responsible for sharing high-quality, valuable videos to attract a potential audience and increase reels’ engagement. I hope these five creative tips will help you to make engaging Instagram reel videos and generate more traffic and reach.