The Complete Guide To Get Verified On Instagram

Every marketer wants to have their Instagram account marked as verified, but it can be difficult to learn the process for doing so. Instagram users: your search for “how to get verified on Instagram” ends here. The information you need is available here.

We’ve broken down the process of getting Instagram’s blue verification badge into seven easy stages, along with a tonne of other useful advice.

This page addresses frequently asked issues, such as what it means to be “verified” on Instagram, why that badge is desirable, and how to go about requesting it. There are also some easy ways to increase your chances of success.

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Instagram’s Verified Badge: What Does It Mean?

You may have noticed that some of your favourite Instagram accounts have a small blue checkmark next to their names. If an Instagram account displays this blue verification mark, it means the account has been reviewed and accepted by Instagram’s staff. Only those who have earned Instagram’s “verified” symbol should be trusted.

How Much Does a Blue Badge on Instagram Really Mean?

Let’s face facts. Instagram profiles with the small blue tick are more credible, and it’s also a status symbol. After all, you must be someone “notable” if Instagram has awarded you the blue badge.

That’s why getting your Instagram account verified is such a big deal. On the other hand, Instagram isn’t entirely clear about who meets the criteria for a verified profile.

How Do I Become an Instagram Verified User?

The quick response is “maybe.” Anybody can apply now because it’s so obvious! This is why:

To remove the mystery and reduce the underground black market for blue checks, Instagram released a public verified account application in August of 2018.

Verification requests on Instagram can now be sent publicly. No one knew the exact requirements until the application was released to the public.

Instagram’s current 2023 guidelines

Don’t Ever Attempt to Sell Your ID Card for Money

Never believe a friend who claims to have a “friend” who works at Instagram and can get your badge for a small fee. You should also be wary of those who contact you via direct message (DM) on Instagram and claim that they can help you get your account verified for a fee.

Scammers on Instagram are aware that users and brands are overreacting to Instagram’s new blue checkmark. Keep in mind that some are expertly able to pass themselves off as real. Remember that Instagram will never ask for money or make contact with you in this way.

A Detailed Guide on How to Become an Instagram Verified User

Instagram’s verification process is simple and straightforward. Just stick to these simple instructions:
1. Go to your profile and click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper right.
2. Select the configuration icon (it looks like a gear)
Step 3: Select the Account tab
4. Select Request Verification (located towards the bottom)
5. Indicate your entire name, occupation, and specialty.
6. Please scan and upload a photo of your identification and/or company documents.
When you are through filling out the application, click the “Send” button.

Please review the area before you affix your identification! If you’re asking verification for yourself or your brand, you’ll need an official government ID with your name and date of birth printed prominently on it, such a driver’s licence, passport, or national ID.
Instagram now requires users to be verified.

Instagram’s guidelines for account verification are as follows:

Just be yourself. You must be the person, company, or brand that your account claims to be in order to participate.

Verification is limited to a single account per person or company (unless the account is language-specific). Accounts created for the purpose of sharing memes or being featured are not verified.

You can’t have a private profile if you want to get the blue badge, which is designated for public figures and entities. You need also have a bio, profile picture, and at least one post in your feed to qualify as a “complete” profile.

The Instagram Guide to Gaining More “Notable” Followers

Finish Your Instagram Profile’s Bio

Having a full Instagram profile is essential for verification. Be sure to include a full bio, a profile picture, and at least one post to our account.

Check out “6 Steps to Create a Perfectly Branded Bio” for a comprehensive breakdown of the process. If you’re stuck for what to write in your Instagram bio, here are 220+ suggestions to get you started.

Make Efforts Towards Publication

Not being newsworthy is the biggest no-no when trying to obtain Instagram verified. An Instagram employee personally checks each account against a number of different news outlets to ensure their authenticity.
Send out press releases, put together media kits, and network with regional news outlets to raise awareness of your brand. After getting your name out there a few times, it’s time to start pitching bigger magazines.

Consider maintaining a well-organized press area on your website to make your news articles accessible.

Make Your Online Profile Easily Findable

Instagram-only accounts have a far lower likelihood of being verified. However, by making sure you dominate the search surrounding your name, you may develop a noticeable presence and secure the Instagram blue tick!

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