An Ultimate Guide: Build Your Brand On Social Media

Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) is a concept that has probably already been introduced to you. Well, the last piece of trust building is really important to prioritise no matter what business you’re in. For the simple reason that it will be difficult to attract devoted followers without it.

To increase credibility on social media, and it was motivated by a previous Twitter conversation about community trust. And it explains why building trust is crucial to your success.

The Importance of Earning People’s Trust

The goal is to make people feel secure in your brand as a whole. It’s also about creating an atmosphere that makes people feel like they can trust you as a resource and that you care about them as individuals.

Example of trust is so important:

  • People are more loyal to a brand they trust, which means they are more likely to make more purchases from that company in the future. That is essential to your company’s sustained prosperity.
  • Sales will increase since people are more likely to buy from those they have faith in. In fact, loyal customers are 53 percent more likely to be early adopters of a brand’s new offerings.
  • When consumers have faith in a product or service, they may become vocal proponents for that brand, praising it to anybody who will listen. Awareness and sales are boosted significantly since 61% of buyers say they trust suggestions from influencers.

The Social Media Trust Model

Having been active on Twitter since its inception in 2008, I have been fortunate enough to have a dedicated following that enthusiastically promotes my business. They do things like follow me on social media, comment on my posts, read my blog, and sign up for my courses.

My ability to establish credibility through online channels has been crucial to my career. Follow these guidelines to achieve the same results.

Be true to who you are at all times

Today, it’s simple to be influenced by what you read online. We might be fooled into thinking we need to alter who we are in order to achieve the same level of success enjoyed by those around us. But being genuine to oneself is what really matters.

A content gap will appear if you pretend to be someone you’re not. Instead, be yourself and let it come through. Be open about your values and beliefs. One individual who exemplifies this is Gary Vaynerchuk, who doesn’t hesitate to let his unique personality shine through in his writing.

Look for Opportunities to Display Your Competence

In order to gain followers’ trust on social media, you must demonstrate your expertise in your field. If you don’t show up and contribute useful stuff, no one will consider you a credible resource in your field. Fortunately, there are several approaches to take. And the first step is understanding who you’re writing for and what problems they’re trying to solve. In this approach, you may make material that specifically answers their most pressing questions.

Next, it’s time to start making and disseminating this material. You might, for instance, organise a live discussion on Twitter Spaces about these issues.

Relationship-building should be a top priority

Many companies care just about generating a profit. There is certainly nothing improper in seeking financial gain. It’s the only way to ensure the company’s continued success. But you have to be ready to put in the effort from the start. In most cases, individuals will not buy immediately. They must be preheated.

To do this, provide information that demonstrates your knowledge as suggested above. Maintaining connections with locals should be a top priority while you’re at it. The marketing industry has no greater turnoff than a brand that does not respond to comments made by its community on social media. Always respond to those who reply to you with something of substance.

Get their questions answered. Please help out. Just be open to having such discussions to increase your chances of building relationships with your audience and converting them into dedicated supporters.

Adopt an Open Door Policy

Customers in the modern day prefer dealing with transparent and trustworthy companies. In recent years, this trend has accelerated as consumers have pressured firms to reveal more information about their operations. For instance, don’t lie about the quality of your products or how much they cost. Give customers a glimpse of what goes on in the company occasionally. And don’t be too proud to take responsibility for your actions. Your efforts to build a devoted following will be greatly aided by your openness as a brand.

Distribute Social Evidence

In all honesty… Before making any major purchases, we all check out customer reviews. When we’re on the fence about whether or not to make a purchase, real-life testimonies might be the deciding factor. This is because before parting with hard-earned cash, consumers want to see proof that a product or service is effective.

This is why it’s a good idea to use social proof from satisfied customers to gain credibility on social media. Customers’ words of praise are powerful marketing tools, so don’t be afraid to use them occasionally. Asking for a video review will have an even bigger impact, so don’t hesitate to make the request.