Tutorial on making interesting advertisements to post on social media

Having a working demo available increases the likelihood of a sale being made. That’s why sites like Facebook and Instagram need product videos so badly. Video demonstrations allow consumers to experience the product firsthand, which in turn may boost revenue.

The difficulty is that it’s not always easy to make a compelling video for a product. Finding an appropriate script, picking an appropriate soundtrack, and putting it all together in a professional-looking cut are all essential.

Additionally, since most people on social media evaluate companies based on the quality of their images, it is crucial that your product videos look fantastic.

It is feasible to make interesting product videos that can help you increase sales on social media with a little bit of preparation and some slick editing skills.

To that end, this article will discuss what makes a social media product video interesting and how to make one. Whether it’s deciding what sort of video to make, how to craft an engaging narrative, or which video marketing tools he should use, we’ll cover it all.

Come on, then, and we’ll get started.

Some of the most important reasons why product marketers use interesting videos in their social media marketing plan are as follows:

Video is an excellent medium since it can accomplish all three of these goals
Brand marketers estimate that 88% saw a positive return on investment from using video content.
Ninety percent of buyers said that videos helped them make a purchase choice.
Video content creation is a fantastic medium through which to humanise a company’s offering and boost its reputation.
It’s a great way to get people to care about your product or service.

Learn to define what success looks like for your brand

Establishing aims and targets is a standard part of every marketing plan. Videos are included in this category as well. Personal brand strategies often include the use of video. Determine then how the video fits into the bigger picture of your content plan.

Besides that, it’s important to emphasise the outcome you hope to get with the material. Does your strategy include boosting product recognition? Lead generation? Or establish your company as a leader in your field.

Knowing your goals can help you create content that is more tailored to your audience and their needs on social media.

Choose a Video Genre Before Beginning Production

Once you know what you want to do, you can go about doing it. The following step is to identify the kind that is consistent with your aims. The social media objectives of a brand may be served by a wide variety of video content concepts. Among them are examples like:

Visual guides for learning:

Tutorials, how-tos, and demonstrations are all acceptable formats for the video material. Videos that explain how to use a product or service are becoming increasingly popular. Buyers at the stage of the journey where they are open to new options might find help in how-to videos. If it’s not done properly, it might hurt your ability to bring in new business and keep existing clients happy. Having detailed and informative information in this video is also crucial for leading potential customers along the various stages of the buying process.


Interviews are often described as a series of interrogatory exchanges. Having experts on your show can help you gain credibility and attract a larger audience. However, interviews shouldn’t come out as forced. As the interviewer, all you need to do is think of interesting questions that touch on a variety of related themes and/or breaking news in the sector.

Promos and previews:

This is ideal for any type of brand announcement, including but not limited to product commercials, product launches, pre-order campaigns, and the like. Teasers and trailers pique the attention of your intended audience. In addition, teases might last for several minutes. However, the short length of a trailer might make it a good fit for sharing on social media.

Opinions on Products:

Before purchasing a product, most individuals will ask their peers and look it up online for reviews. This type of audiovisual output is therefore deserving of financial backing. Video product reviews that go over the benefits, features, and installation process build confidence and trust with the viewer. Therefore, speak the language of your audience by using everyday expressions and language.


Webinars are a fantastic tool for maintaining relationships with current and potential clients. Webinars are a great way to share knowledge with your audience and provide them practical advice on recent developments in your field. In order to attract more people to your webinar, you may promote it using sponsored social media advertisements. In the end, you can use these figures as leverage to increase sales of the product or service you offer by generating and converting more leads.

Corporate ethos/behind-the-scenes:

Content marketing with videos may go beyond simply promoting a product. Behind-the-scenes and company culture films let consumers connect with your business on a more personal level. The part that isn’t protected by self-awareness and propriety, The video concept also enables you to make an emotional connection with your social media audience. Possibility for original thought is one of the many benefits of this plan. Brilliant ideas like pranks, birthday parties, and bloopers may add flavour. It would be ideal if it included everyone on your team, though. However, whether you’re a coach, freelancer, or otherwise in the self-employed workforce, you might wish to utilise video to demonstrate the ethics and reasoning that inform your work.

Study of a Real-World Example

Buyers are always looking for the quickest and most painless solutions to their issues. A case study demonstrates this to be true. In addition, it helps convert prospects at the latter end of the sales funnel. Choose a few agreeable consumers to appear on camera, and you’re good to go. These clients will detail the difficulties they were experiencing and how your items helped them.

Get right down to business

Making the most of one’s limited attention span is essential. There is no set length that is perfect for a marketing film, but remember that quality over quantity is key.