5 Best Instagram Features To Test For Results

The most challenging aspect of social networking is staying current!

Instagram features are constantly evolving, providing digital marketers with a plethora of alternatives for achieving results. Instagram is continuously changing with new features; it’s as if something new to experiment with daily. If you would like to stay relevant & keep your fans engaged with your business, you must embrace the app and get innovative with its features. Let’s take a closer look at the Instagram features you have to be familiar with and apply in 2022 if you want to increase engagement and post higher-quality content on Instagram.

5 Instagram Features To Test For Results

1. Instagram Reels

Reels are an excellent method to leverage popular TikTok content, trends, and problems without migrating to a new platform and rebuilding your following. This short clip content caters to users ‘ shorter attention spans, from how-to videos to before-and-afters, viral challenges, and tips and tricks. On top of that, you could also get reels likes for Instagram to expand your reel video reach.

2. Shopping on Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram is on a quest to transform the site into a retail experience, having implemented shoppable goods in the primary navigation menu last year. For companies, shoppable postings are an excellent method to promote their wares and increase sales.

Instagram Checkout is already available in the United States and to arrive in Australia shortly, allowing users to purchase products spotted on the ‘gram without leaving the app. Indeed, a game changer! Instagram has also revealed that Instagram Shopping will arrive this year across IGTV & Instagram Reels.

3. Instagram Instructions

Instagram Guides is one of the platform’s newest features. They’re a new method to share & consume Instagram content; they’re a curated stream of posts with comments from their own Instagram content, as well as stuff from other accounts. Almost like a small blog, there are three categories for instructions: places (geo-tagged destinations), items (shoppable things), and posts (posts you’ve authored or saved). Instead of people scrolling endlessly through your feed, guides make it simple to highlight essential material you want them to see and locate fast.

4. Posts like a carousel

Carousel posts are the most captivating form of post, according to a survey of over 22 million posts on Instagram. The option to include up to ten photos or videos in an individual post enables innovative brand storytelling and allows for incorporating a variety of content formats. According to the study stated earlier, combining pictures & videos in the same carousel results in a greater engagement rate for each post.

5. Instagram Live

Instagram Live saw a massive surge in interest in interacting, making announcements, and hosting virtual events during the epidemic, with usage increasing by 70% in only one month and continuing growing in 2021. Businesses may utilize Instagram Live to stream live videos to certain other platform users. These films have been expanded from 1 hour to 4 hours and are now visible on Instagram’s Explore tab.

When the brand goes live, it notifies your followers and elevates the content to the first place in stories, ensuring that it appears at the front of the user’s feeds, all of which contribute to your broadcast’s exposure to your followers.

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